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Budanyi Aszú 5 puttonyos

Budanyi Aszú 5 puttonyos

부다니 토카이 어수 5 푸토뇨쉬

White / Sweet

Vintage : 2009

생산지 : Tokaj

당도 : 140.0g/l

알코올 도수 theessayclub 11.04% V/V

용량 : 500ml


We prepared this great wine type by the careful selection of the most beautiful noble grains. Due to the several year-long mellow in wooden barrels, the features of honey, walnuts, almonds and tobacco dominate its flavors and fragrances. Its color is characterized by yellow shade of the ivy. This wine type combines elegance and power.

Furmint with Aszú grapes

honey, walnuts, almonds and tobacco

yellow shade of the ivy

Food pairing
desserts, cakes after the meal